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Special Handling Fees

Rates for UPS Freight’s transportation service include the loading of the shipment at origin, and the transport to and the unloading of the shipment at the destination during normal business hours. Sometimes, UPS Freight is asked to perform additional services. These are called "special" or "accessorial services". Some of the most frequently requested special handling services are described below. If your business requires other special services not shown, please contact your local account manager or our customer service center at 800-333-7400.

UPS Freight
EFFECTIVE March 31, 2014

Special Service UPGF
Rate Flat Charge
Minimum Charge
Border Processing Fee (Canda) 486 None $29.00 None
C.O.D. Fee 430 6% of C.O.D amount $98.00 $5,400.00
Corrected Bill of Lading 361 None $29.00 before del.
$42.00 after del
Detention of Vehicle With Power 500 $51.00 for each 15 minutes after "free time" expires $92.00 None
Detention of Vehicle Without Power 501 $141.00 per vehicle per 24 hour period after "free time" expires None None
Extreme Length / Over Dimension
Freight(equals or exceeds 15 feet)
670 None $99.00 None
Hazardous Material 565 None $26.00 per shipment
$23.20 per permit
$7.50 per off route mile
Inside Pickup or Delivery
no elevator (stairs)

At NY zips 10001-99 and 10101-10292
no elevator (stairs)
$10.30 per cwt.
$12.25 per cwt.
$25.50 per cwt.

$30.80 per cwt.




Lift-Gate Service 892 $7.90 per cwt. $120.00 $375.00
Limited Access Pickup or Delivery
(Churches, Construction sites, Schools, etc.)
755 None $112.00 None
Notification Prior to Delivery 647 None $48.00 None
Redelivery 830 None $128.50 None
Residential Pickup or Delivery
At NY zips 10001-99 and 10101-10292
753 None

Reweigh 990 None $29.00 None
Saturday, Sunday, Holiday, Non-
Business Hours Pickup or Delivery
754 $211.00 per person,
per hour
$470.00 None
Sorting and Segregating 751 $0.92 per piece or $2.50 per cwt., which ever is higher $100.00 None
Storage-Public Warehouse
910 $3.13 cwt. per day

$4.25 cwt. per day
$29.25 per day

$108.50 per shipment

NOTE: This chart represents an abbreviated form or quick reference guide to frequently used accessorial service charges in effect as of March 31, 20114 Rules and charges are subject to change without prior notice. For full details and updates, see the UPS Freight rules tariff (UPGF 102) on our website (



C.O.D. UPS Freight handles your collect on delivery shipments and accepts business or personal checks, cashier’s check, certified check or money order. If the bill of lading requires “Certified Funds”, only cashier’s check, certified check or money order will be accepted. The fee for this service is collected from the consignee unless the bill of lading indicates "fee to be prepaid" by shipper.

Hazardous Materials UPS Freight will accept shipments of hazardous materials or hazardous substances subject to all requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency governing transportation of such commodities.

Inside Pickup or Delivery When requested, UPS Freight loads or unloads shipments from or to areas that are not next to the trailer such as shopping malls or office buildings.

Lift Gate UPS Freight provides lift gate service, if needed, to load and unload a shipment when loading/unloading docks are not available.

Limited Access Locations UPS Freight provides pickup or delivery service for a fee that covers the additional costs where access is limited, restricted or secured, the facility has no loading dock, or for locations within construction sites, oil fields, and mine sites.

Notification When asked, UPS Freight contacts the consignee before delivering the shipment to meet scheduling needs.

Pickup or Delivery on Saturday, Sundays
or Holidays
Normal business hours do not include Saturdays, Sundays or nationally recognized holidays. When arrangements are made in advance, UPS Freight will make pickup or delivery on these days.

Redelivery When the consignee is unable to accept or refuses delivery of a shipment, UPS Freight schedules a time and redelivers the shipment for an additional charge.

Residential Delivery A residence is a location that is a home, including home-based businesses, college dormitories, apartments, townhouses, rectories, convents and parsonages. Pickup or delivery at a residence will be provided for a fee that covers the additional mileage and the time required to provide the service. Delivery will be made to the building ground floor entrance, garage entrance or carport.

Sorting & Segregating Normal loading and unloading service does not include the sorting or segregating of freight by size, brand, flavor, individual lot, etc.. If a shipment needs to be sorted or segregated, UPS Freight provides the service.

Storage Shipments that cannot be delivered due to circumstances beyond UPS Freight’s control may be held at our service center or delivered to a public warehouse. Charges are assessed to cover storage and additional handling.

Note - For more information on the services shown above, see Rules Tariff.

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